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Nice cans.

A magazine ad for… cans… from 1985 — Canned Food Information Council

A magazine ad for… cans… from 1985 — Canned Food Information Council

Somebody in the 1980s really wanted to put a sexy robot in an ad.

Why the Can Opener Wasn’t Invented Until Almost 50 Years After the Can

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Alas, I was born too late.

1967 magazine ad for General Mills Bugles, Daisy•s and Whistles... and Canada Dry Ginger Ale sorta.
1967 magazine ad for General Mills Bugles, Daisy•s and Whistles… and Canada Dry Ginger Ale sorta.

Bugles are still around, but I totally missed out their snack siblings — “Whistles – a cheddar-flavored corn product in the shape of a whistle and taste like grilled cheese on toast, only crunchy; and Daisy*s – a flower-shaped snack that had the flavor of puffed popovers.”

Dang it

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But I must.

I’m sharing this one for the last line of copy in the block:

“Every woman who sees them wants them—she must have them.”

A lovely example of inventing desire.

McCallum Silk Hosiery ad
Found on the back cover of a 1922 issue of Life.
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Hobnob with the Snobs

“Tonight we will enjoy only the finest of tastes and only the snootiest of laughter.”

— Preston Northwest, Gravity Falls

The California Limited
1904 magazine ad for the hoity-toity California Limited
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The perfect word.

Behold, the out-of-print poster you never knew you wanted.

The perfect word.
Found in Rolling Stone Magazine, May 22, 1975.
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“Your time has expired, leave.”

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Ladies, it’s time to clip your poodles.

Not the most elegant of euphemisms, but effective nonetheless.

Clark's Poodle Clippers
Found in a 1902 issue of Country Life

The Giblet that Refreshes

The Fifties were a dark time, especially since they hadn’t yet figured out the recipe for Coca-Cola-glazed turkey.

1959 two-page Coca-Cola / Coke Thanksgiving magazine ad

“Grandma, did you forget to make the damned potatoes again?”

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When you’re not quite sure if that’s a real Burberry ad or a parody Burberry ad.

Claus for Alarm

1949 “Travel Refreshed” Coca-Cola / Coke Santa Claus / Sprite Boy Ad

I have several questions.

Does Coke taste even better if you tilt the bottle up that high as you’re drinking it?

Did Santa pound that bottle cap into the Coca-Cola’s Sprite Boy’s forehead?

Does it mind control, lobotomize or zombify poor Sprite Boy?

Was Sprite Boy a naughty boy and this is his punishment?

If sprites are tiny, just how tiny are those tiny reindeer?

Seriously, that bottle cap looks like it hurts. Just look at his eyes.

Trivia: Coca-Cola didn’t introduce Sprite until 1961, which makes Sprite Boy pre-Sprite.

I’m sure it all made sense at the time.