Welcome to Ad to the Bone’s Blog to the Bone, a dark and twisted grotto nestled precariously in the unstable hillside of advertising during rainy season.

So what’s going on here? Well, following fair use guidelines, a single frame from a TV commercial is singled out and severed (which comes out to roughly 00.1388%* or so if the commercial is 30 seconds long) and then that singular commercial image is, in a non-commercial, transformative and singularly adtotheboneish fashion, scaled down and commented upon in a critical, spoofy, illustrative, interpretive, artistically fictitious and/or hopefully interesting way. And since fancy-pants words are snuck in every now and then, it’s educational to boot! Hot dang! Simple as that.

Also, other marketing-type oddities and viscera will randomly emerge, just because.

And whatever else happens to strike my fancy.

Also just because.

I enjoy a hearty breakfast.

Clayton Hove
Chief Executive Bone Daddy
Ad to the Bone

*or about 1/720th if you prefer fractions or are just trying to be difficult.

2 thoughts on “Huh?

  1. Marc Weinberger

    Can you tell me the status of I was a member of quite a few years and became very reliant on it for ads.

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