Clayton Hove’s Ad to the Bone

Howdy! I’m Clayton Hove, and welcome to Ad to the Bone. 

Think of this as my online cabinet of curiosities. 

Over the last few years, I’ve been hitting auctions, antique shops, thrift stores, rummage and garage sales, and other places here and there, looking for old magazines. Along the way, I’ve also collected vintage cookbooks and cookbooklets, store and mail-order catalogs, comic books, posters, premiums and random ephemera. And occasionally, people just give their old stuff to me for free. Thanks, Marie Kondo!


If you’re of a certain age, you’ve probably heard guys claim that they buy Playboy magazines for the articles.

I’m the guy that gets them for the ads.

Ok, and the impressive airbrushing.

The cartoons are sometimes pretty good too.

Behold, my storage unit of curiosities!

It is here at Ad to the Bone where I post vintage advertising, along with a bit of history here and there. But it doesn’t stop there. 

I will probably also occasionally post: 
Scary old food photography and/or recipes.
Catalog amusements.
Interesting bygone magazine covers and sometimes things from inside.
Posters once I figure out how to best scan them.
Postcards, which are a tad easier to scan than posters.
Out-of-context comic book bits.
Peculiar packaging from the past.
Cat photos. There will be cat photos.
Things that amuse me along the way.
Complete randomness.
And whatever else happens to strike my fancy.

Off-brand is on-brand around here.

So enjoy! Or don’t. It costs you the same.

Share Ad to the Bone with your friends, sworn enemies, complete strangers, incomplete strangers, potential employers, and romantic interests. Sometimes, the Oxford comma comes in handy.

And if you want to send me buckets of money, just because, I’m sure I can arrange something for you.

Clayton Hove
Chief Executive Bone Daddy
Ad to the Bone

3 thoughts on “Huh?

  1. Marc Weinberger

    Can you tell me the status of I was a member of quite a few years and became very reliant on it for ads.

  2. Luddite

    Hello Marc. moved back to the domain around 2008 because Google banned it from serving ads, and then eventually to the domain

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