A special message from Hans Strudel, the Pillsbury Toaster Strudel Boy.

111 Things Tea Party Republicans Are Against

NOTE: This list is by no means comprehensive but covers the current bulk of grievances, gripes, grumblings and other things that trigger hissy fits. Continue reading

Do spin doctors have birthdays? Yes, Virginia, they most certainly do.

In honor of my KK BOLD boss Wayne Kranzler’s birthday today, here’s an animated GIF I made of him back when Netscape Navigator and AltaVista ruled the Internet (1997 or so).

Happy birthday, Wayne!

URTS so good.

URTS (unperforated restroom toilet paper) — The toilet paper only an office building landlord could love.™

When Poets Sell Out — 7 Shameless Examples of Product Placement in Poetry

There are more than a few people who bemoan the proliferation of product placement in today’s entertainment world, but unbeknownst to them, this is not a recent phenomenon. For centuries now, highly respected poets have turned themselves into blemished bards by skillfully plopping a brand into their work in exchange for a bit of money (or a decent bottle of absinthe). After a bit of research, I have found seven blatant examples of this foul practice that you might not have noticed back in English Lit class. Continue reading

The folks at Mystik Lubricants are either incredibly naive or incredibly savvy at marketing.

Lubricaton Domination. Ladies.