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“Blazingly bright and stunning, digital technology is revolutionizing the billboard experience.”

Wise up. Mask up.

Wise up. Mask up.
A PSA for y’all.

[trashes kitchen in Crisco-fueled rage]

I was trying to find out if the big container of Crisco was called a canister, can, jar, tub, pail, bucket or something else, and noticed this rather ambitious bit of copy…

The original. The classic blue can no pantry should be without. use it for baking, frying, or just to feel like a rock star in the kitchen.

Sage Advice


Don’t forget to add “F-inna-circle double-you double-you double-you dot space” before your website address so people know you’re on the computer.


After seeing a Dior Sauvage commercial, I have learned that Johnny Depp has no clue how to use a shovel.‬

The Lion King remake is awful.

A Pain in the Asterisk

Looks like Barnes & Noble might soon have to replace the Paranormal Teen Romance section with a Sassy Self Help and Personal Growth Books with Barely Bleeped Sweary Titles section.

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Millennials millennialate millennialications millennially. #millennials

Hey! Millennials!

Somebody’s going to kern in hell for this.


When the VP of Sweaters tells you to hurry the heck up and send out that darn Target email already!

So close.

It happens to the best of us.