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Do you have under-par children like High-Strung Helen?

Magazine ad for Ovaltine, circa 1934
Magazine ad for Ovaltine, circa 1934

The History of Ovomaltine, err, Ovaltine

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How to Impress a Biker Chick

1944 magazine ad for Hart Schaffner & Marx
1944 magazine ad for Hart Schaffner & Marx

Illustration by Jay Hyde Barnum. Not a lot of info online.

I’m not quite sure what sort of action went down in the illustration, but they both look great!

A History of Herringbone, courtesy of King & Allen Bespoke Tailoring

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1971 magazine ad for Réplique perfume by Raphael Paris
1971 magazine ad for Réplique perfume by Raphael Paris

Pronounced RAY-PLEEK.
Réplique was introduced in 1944.
The original scent was discontinued in the late 1980s.

Via Cleopatra’s Boudoir
“The story is almost too good to be true, but it is an acknowledged fact: The main “nose” of parfumeur Worth in Grasse had just created “Requête” in 1944 when he had a violent argument with one of the directors and left them in the worst possible terms. He was immediately hired by Raphael and created “Réplique”, the reply to a “Requête” in French legalese. It was rumoured that Worth did not enjoy the joke.”

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Washed-out bridge ahead? No problem!

1920 magazine for the Willys-Overland Overland 4

1920 magazine ad for the Willys-Overland Overland 4

From 1912-18, Willys was the 2nd-biggest American automobile maker.
Ford was 1st, the bastards.

Willys-Overland is the company that eventually brought us the Jeep.

Let’s take the 1920 Overland 4 for a spin.

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Chewed to Bits by Giant Turtles

Man's Life magazine- May 1957
Man’s Life magazine – May 1957

What a wonderful way to kick off the new year! Behold, finally in my hands after years of searching, a May 1957 issue of Man’s Life magazine with the Will Hulsey “Chewed to Bits by Giant Turtles” cover. Groovy.

Big Balls

Pinball poster for Chicago Coin. Year unknown.
Pinball poster for Chicago Coin. Year unknown.

The date on this Chicago Coin pinball poster is unknown to me, but was probably made before 1977 when its assets were sold to Gary and Sam Stern, forming Stern Electronics and then Stern Pinball.

I can’t look at this poster without thinking of the classic Sesame Street’s pinball animation to help kids with numbers.

The International Arcade Museum has quite a list of the games Chicago Coin made.

Pinside has a shorter list, but with images

A Brief History of the Silver Ball

The Founding of the Flippers

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It shouldn’t look this pretty, but it is.

The December 1937 Fortune magazine cover.

Light ’em up!

The December 1939 Fortune magazine cover.

I think that’s an old-timey knife switch to turn power on and off in the lower right quarter, but I’m not 100% certain.

Thanks for tracking in all the snow, Santa.

This is probably my favorite of this last batch of Coca-Cola Santa ads.

Coca-Cola’s Santa Claus, 1958

… and now the gift for thirst

Coca-Cola’s Santa Claus, 1952