Sing us a song, you’re the honky tonk harpsichord man.

1974 magazine ad for Cordovox Electronic Pianos

1974 magazine ad for Cordovox Electronic Pianos

“Suspiciously similar to the Selmer-Armon in having sliders for the 3 equally dismal sounds.”

The ad copy:

“Cordovox, it got me out of pizza parlors.”

There’s nothing wrong with honky tonk piano. I played it in the pizza circuit for years. But when it’s all you can play, it’s like eating pizza seven days a week . . . too much of a good thing. See, I thought honky tonk was all I could play. But I found out it was all my piano could play. It just had a bright ring to it that made my Romeo & Juliet theme sound like Bonnie & Clyde.

Then I saw one of those Cordovox Electronic Pianos. I played it and my Romeo & Juliet sounded grand. It’s got three voices too—piano, honky tonk and harpsichord—very distinctive. What’s more, the drawbars let me combine them to any blend I want . . . lots of harpsichord with a little piano for European restaurants. Then add a little honky tonk for some domestic flavoring. And no matter what setting, the Cordovox always sounds great. I play great too because the keyboard is touch sensitive—just like a piano. It even has a real warm piano sound . . . the best I’ve ever heard. And that Cordovox can go anywhere. It’s small, light and really strong.

Now I play in French restaurants, jazz clubs, rock halls, wherever I want. I’ve even acquired a taste for caviar. Try a Cordovox Electronic Piano for yourself. And see if your tastes don’t expand too.


A product of Norlin Music, Inc. 7373 N. Cicero Ave., Lincolnwood, Illinois 60646
Photographed at Le Bordeaux Chicago

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