Holy harmonicas, Batman!

1966 magazine ad for the Hohner Marine Band harmonica.

1966 magazine ad for the Hohner Marine Band harmonica.

The first episode of the Batman TV series with Adam West (Batman) and Burt Ward (Robin) aired on January 12, 1966. 

Did you know the harmonica got its start in China? Or perhaps Germany?

Not quite a harmonica.

The ad copy:

Isn’t that what’s-his-name playing a Hohner whatchamacallit?

It’s not a whatchamacallit. It’s a Hohner harmonica. And it’s not what’s-his-name, the crimefighter. It’s Johnny Morley from Freeport High School. He’s knocking them dead at his class costume part playing “The Batman Theme” on the harmonica. The harmonica he got three weeks ago and taught himself to play.

Johnny’s mother always thought that he was a born musician, but nobody agreed. Including his first and last piano teacher, who gave him ten lessons and quit. Mrs. Morley didn’t give us so easily. She bought her son a Hohner Marine Band harmonica for $2.50. And in one afternoon, he teaches himself four songs on it. Even Johnny couldn’t make it sound bad. And now he’s a virtuoso.

Johnny and his harmonica are very welcome at parties, with or without costume. The sound he gets on it is great. Because it was made by Hohner. The people who make accordions. And Melodicas. And electronic instruments. And musicians out of kids like Johnny.

M. Hohner, Inc., Hicksville, New York

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