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Alas, I was born too late.

1967 magazine ad for General Mills Bugles, Daisy•s and Whistles... and Canada Dry Ginger Ale sorta.
1967 magazine ad for General Mills Bugles, Daisy•s and Whistles… and Canada Dry Ginger Ale sorta.

Bugles are still around, but I totally missed out their snack siblings — “Whistles – a cheddar-flavored corn product in the shape of a whistle and taste like grilled cheese on toast, only crunchy; and Daisy*s – a flower-shaped snack that had the flavor of puffed popovers.”

Dang it

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The Kotex secret? Gravity!

Kotex tampons ad from 1969
Found in an American Girl magazine from 1969 or so.

It was a big advance from the old sanitary belts, and a huge leap from sanitary suspenders.

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Sorry to bug you.

Volkswagen Beetle magazine ad from around 1970
circa 1970

Q: Where do Volkswagens go when they get old?

A: The Old Volks home.

I’m so sorry.

Not-really-fun fact: The Volkswagen Beetle was originally named the Volkswagen Type 1 and marketed as the Volkswagen.

More VW Beetle trivia here via Mental Floss.

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“requires no exhausts, plumbing, dark rooms or messy inks”

Bruning Copyflex ad
Boy, I wish I wrote down the year of the magazine this was in. Might’ve been a Pathfinder. Remember, this didn’t cost you nuthin’.

Find out a bit more about Bruning via Forgotten Chicago.

I think the “ordinary translucent paper” mentioned in the ad copy might’ve been vellum or onionskin, but I could be wrong.

What the hell is Diazotype, you ask? MoMA has you covered.

“What time am it when little hand on da three anna big one there?”
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Fashionable Despair

1898 ad for Armour's Extract of Beef
I need to start writing date info down when I scan. Judging by the calendar offer at the bottom, I’m placing this at 1898.

Fin de Siècle (translation: end of the century) — Merriam-Webster has one heck of another definition for it:

“of, relating to, or characteristic of the close of the 19th century and especially its literary and artistic climate of sophistication, world-weariness, and fashionable despair”

Fashionable despair.

Fashionable despair and beef tea.

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It’s Saponified!

1898 ad for Pear's Soap
1898 ad for Pear’s Soap

Pear’s Soap has several claims to fame.
It was the world’s first transparent soap.
It is the world’s oldest continuous brand.
And as chairman of the company, Thomas J. Barratt is known to some as the father of modern advertising.

Would you like to learn more about saponification? Of course you would! (You don’t.)

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“…feel even more feminine than before.”

1969 magazine ad for Eastern Air Lines (1926-1991)
1969 magazine ad for Eastern Air Lines (1926-1991)

Ever see The Wicker Man movie? The one with Edward Woodward, not the iffy remake with Nicolas Cage. Oh, no reason.

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“Be the first in your crowd to drive the Dodge Super Grape.”

1970 Dodge Plum Crazy Challenger R/T ad
1970 Dodge Plum Crazy Challenger R/T ad

Can I get it in a light urple?

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Serve them often.

1925 Campbell’s Pork and Beans with Tomato Sauce ad
found in the February 28, 1925 issue of Literary Digest

Joseph A. Campbell III: “We need the perfect word that’ll really get these beans flying off the shelves!”

Tommy Thompson: “How about… ‘digestible’?”

Campbell: “Thompson, my boy, I see a VP title in your future!”

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Who’s Your Daddy?

Old Spice After Shave and Cologne ad from 1969.
from the May 16, 1969 issue of Life magazine

Is this official Spice Girls canon?

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