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The Kotex secret? Gravity!

Kotex tampons ad from 1969
Found in an American Girl magazine from 1969 or so.

It was a big advance from the old sanitary belts, and a huge leap from sanitary suspenders.

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“It’s a killer-diller!”

“You bet, almost before you know it, a daily 10 minutes with ‘MINI-GYM’ builds you into the kind of real ‘he man’ material bosses want most… and girls go for fastest!” — It pays to read the tiny, tiny type!

How 'Mini-Gym' Turns Plant "Drip" Into Success Dynamo
(1951-1952 or so.)
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“Be the Life of the Party!”

Lit Cigarette Vanishes and then reappears!

Astonish Everybody!

Lit Cigarette Vanishes and then reappears!

With sleeves rolled up, you make a lighted cigarette vanish! Not a trace remains! Then, like a magician, you reach into the air and presto! Cigarette reappears! Actually 2 tricks in one! You can also make bills, pencils disappear too! Easy to do! Astonish everyone! Be the Life of the Party! Order at once.


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Beep-beep zip bang!

1971 Plymouth Road Runner

Fun facts: 

Plymouth paid Warner Bros. fifty grand to use the Road Runner name and likeness.

Hatched in 1968, the Plymouth Road Runner wasn’t discontinued until 1980.

And yes, Plymouth had a special beep-beep horn for it, developed by the Sparton Corporation of Jackson, Michigan. Hear it here.

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“Big bubbles. No troubles.” — Sir Mix-a-Lot (attributed)

Hubba Bubba
1980 comic book ad for Hubba Bubba bubble gum

What a great way to introduce a new brand.

Look at the sheer amount of copy in this comic book ad aimed at kids!

The copywriter even got “akimbo” and “dadgum” approved!

Wowie-zowie! I’m impressed.

Note: I had no idea Hubba Bubba was available in mint flavor back in 1980.

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When you’re not quite sure if that’s a real Burberry ad or a parody Burberry ad.

Twitter needs to change this to “Moments are not loading at this moment.”

Twitter Moments