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Comic book ad for Hostess Twinkies - Spider-Man! in The Spider-Man and the Fly!
I forgot to write down the comic book year and info when I canned this a while back, but I’ll guess the 1970s.

I guess the more dialogue you have, the less you have to draw.

Fun facts:

The first Twinkie was made in 1930. They’re probably stale by now.

Spider-Man plays a key part in Alt Text 19: Witness Protection.

Got a spare million or two? Then check out the ten rarest, most expensive Spider-Man comic books.

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What I really wanted was a Snoopy typewriter.

1975 comic book print ad for Kenner’s Snoopy Pencil Sharpener
1975 comic book print ad for Kenner’s Snoopy Pencil Sharpener

RRRR-R — Notice that they don’t show dad “sharpening his pencil”?

Fun facts:

Charles Shulz created 17,897 different daily Peanuts comic strips.

Snoopy was almost Sniffy.

A girl named Lila was Snoopy’s first owner.

The inside of Snoopy’s doghouse was large enough to hold four children.

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“It’s a killer-diller!”

“You bet, almost before you know it, a daily 10 minutes with ‘MINI-GYM’ builds you into the kind of real ‘he man’ material bosses want most… and girls go for fastest!” — It pays to read the tiny, tiny type!

How 'Mini-Gym' Turns Plant "Drip" Into Success Dynamo
(1951-1952 or so.)
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The day Bill told off his boss

The day Bill told off his boss
(found in Marvel Team-Up #12 – Spider-Man and the Werewolf – 1972)

The boss’s name is Mr. Bemis. I wonder if he’s any relation to Henry Bemis, the fellow in episode 8 of The Twilight Zone — “Time Enough at Last” — in 1959?

Time Enough at Last
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Smoking is for Squares!

Hey, kitten. There’s a lot going on in this 1964 comic book anti-smoking PSA by DC Comics.

Smoking is for Squares! 1964 DC Comic Book PSA from an issue of Tales of the Unexpected

I’m still not quite sure why Paulette Breen suddenly turns into a 53-year-old truck stop waitress in the fifth panel. Probably from all the pointing. Continue reading

Is this where the phrase “shit the bed” comes from?

She seems nice.

Another fine gem of a scam from an old romance comic book.

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