The day Bill told off his boss

The day Bill told off his boss
(found in Marvel Team-Up #12 – Spider-Man and the Werewolf – 1972)

The boss’s name is Mr. Bemis. I wonder if he’s any relation to Henry Bemis, the fellow in episode 8 of The Twilight Zone — “Time Enough at Last” — in 1959?

Time Enough at Last

The ad copy:

The day Bill told off his boss

“Get in here, Bill! I want to talk to you!”

“You punched in seven minutes late. I’m docking you an hour’s pay, and it better not happen again… or else!”

“Oh, yeah? I’ve got news for you, Mr. Bemis. I’ve got a new job offer with a real future… at twice the money!”

“Hah! Anybody’d be crazy to pay you that much!”

“That’s what you think! I’ve been learning electronics in my spare time at home from CIE… and now I can take my pick of good jobs!”

“You gotta be kidding! You? In electronics!”

“Yes! Now I’ve got a career. CIE made it easy. So good-by to you and your crummy job!”

Are you working for peanuts in a dead end job? 

Get smart. Send for 2 free books like Bill did!

Be sure to send for your 2 FREE books today. For your convenience, we will try to have a representative call. If coupon has been removed, write to Cleveland Institute of Electronics, Inc., 1776 East 17th Street, Cleveland, Ohio 44114.

CIE Cleveland Institute of Electronics, Inc.

1776 East 17th Street, Cleveland, Ohio 44114

Accredited Member National Home Study Council

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