“No Skill Necessary”

Multiplying Billiard Balls

Multiplying Billiard Balls

No Skill Necessary

Here is one of the most sensational and most remarkable feats of magic ever known. It is as unexpected as it is surprising! While it appears to be a very difficult trick to do, it is nevertheless so simple that anyone can easily master it and give a very professional formance. A beautifully enameled billiard ball is first passed examination. The performer then holds it up as shows. Suddenly from out of thin air a second one mysteriously appears beside the first one! Then, like a flash, a third unexpectedly appears and finally a fourth! The feat is then reversed and one by one the balls will silently vanish as quickly as they came! A great act that never fails to bring roars of surprise and enthusiastic applause from your audience. you can do it! Only 50¢

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