Comic book ad for Hostess Twinkies - Spider-Man! in The Spider-Man and the Fly!
I forgot to write down the comic book year and info when I canned this a while back, but I’ll guess the 1970s.

I guess the more dialogue you have, the less you have to draw.

Fun facts:

The first Twinkie was made in 1930. They’re probably stale by now.

Spider-Man plays a key part in Alt Text 19: Witness Protection.

Got a spare million or two? Then check out the ten rarest, most expensive Spider-Man comic books.

The ad copy:

Spider-Man! in The Spider-Man and the Fly!

Spider-Man is a prisoner of the villain call, the fly. (weird comma)

“Wake up, Web Head.”

“Just what I’ve always wanted… to have breakfast with the Fly!… But what happened… I remember being thrown from the top of the Empire State Building, Fly… Now that wasn’t nice!… But what am I doing here?”

“I’m here to “entertain” you, Web Slinger.”

“…Just what I need… A few laughs.”

“Don’t get trapped in your own network of puns, Insect Imitator… This is no laughing matter… You’ll soon be wiggling and squirming, my spidery friend, when you see what I have in store for you.”

“Wrong, my buzzing fly friend! These straps can’t hold me, so whatever you have in store, you’ll have to sell to someone else!”

“Aha! ‘Come into my parlor, said the fly to the spider’… or was it the other way around?”

“My spider sense is tingling, but nothing else is moving. I must break this electronic field trap, somehow.”

“This is serious, my wiry friend and enemy. Let’s hear a joke now.”


Okay you win. I give us. But first have a Hostess ‘Twinkies’ here in my utility belt.”

“Delicious Hostess ‘Twinkies!’ It’s the only thing I love! That golden sponge cake… and creamed filling.”

“Ok, my buzzing gadfly – – I’m going to swat you like a mosquito…”


“Do what you want… Clip my wings… Anything… But at least have the decency to let my finish my wonderful Hostess ‘Twinkies!’”

“Of course, my noble enemy. I dispense justice but tempered with mercy… and sometimes even… Hostess ‘Twinkies!’”

You’ll get a big delight in every bite of Hostess Twinkies

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