Girdles and napkins and belts, oh my!

“Daaaaaaamn, girl! You lookin’ fine.”
Circa 1947 magazine ad for Kotex Sanitary Napkins
Circa 1947 magazine ad for Kotex Sanitary Napkins

“A short beau in tow is worth ten highboys on the loose.” Forties lingo is killer diller!

Fun facts:

Curious what a smooth and comfortable Kotex Wonderform Belt looks like? Of course you are. [scroll when at link]

Four tips for being a great bellhop from a site that sells shoes so you can probably guess one of the tips.

Wanna learn a bit o’ slang from the 1940s? You’ll recognize some, but not all. Here’s some more.

The ad copy:

Are you in the know?

If you’re higher than your squire, should you — 

[ ] Wait for a taller date

[ ] Come down to earth

[ ] Play stooper-woman

What if he isn’t tall and terrific? A short beau in tow is worth ten highboys on the loose. Come down to earth: avoid towering hats . . . swap spike heels for new, smart flats! No need to stoop. Even at “those” times, your bearing can be poised and proud, because with the help of Kotex, no telltale outlines show. Those flat pressed ends of Kotex prevent revealing outlines . . . send your confidence soaring!

Could she look trim as a bellhop, by — 

[ ] Steaming in a Turkish bath

[ ] Dusk-to-dawn jitterbugging

[ ] Wearing a girdle

Now there’s the “bellhop look” she’d like! A girdle will help. The kind that belittles her waist, straightens that slump. Girdles are made so cleverly nowadays, you scarcely know you’re wearing them. Like Kotex . . . and Kotex belts. For Kotex is made with lasting softness . . . make to stay soft while you wear it. And that adjustable Kotex Wonderform Belt fits so comfortably, smoothly (it’s elastic) . . . lets you bend freely without binding.

When he admires your dress, do you say 

[ ] “Really? This old sack?”

[ ] “Are you kidding?”

[ ] “Thank you”

Some gals imagine they must shrug off a compliment. Why embarrass a fellow? When he tosses a bouquet your way — sweetly say, “Thank you.” Giving out with the right answers is a mark of poise. It’s smooth, too (at certain times) to know the right answer to your sanitary protection needs. Kotex — naturally! Because you get extra protection with that exclusive safety center of Kotex. And remember, every Kotex napkin contains a deodorant.

Kotex Sanitary Napkins

Containing a Deodorant

More women choose Kotex than all other sanitary napkins

A deodorant in every Kotex napkin at no extra cost

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