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“I don’t like Hostess Twinkies!”

panel from an old comic book ad for Hostess Twinkies

I prefer the Zingers.


Comic book ad for Hostess Twinkies - Spider-Man! in The Spider-Man and the Fly!
I forgot to write down the comic book year and info when I canned this a while back, but I’ll guess the 1970s.

I guess the more dialogue you have, the less you have to draw.

Fun facts:

The first Twinkie was made in 1930. They’re probably stale by now.

Spider-Man plays a key part in Alt Text 19: Witness Protection.

Got a spare million or two? Then check out the ten rarest, most expensive Spider-Man comic books.

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Twinkie Panic hits Bismarck, North Dakota!

Inside the Sweetheart/Hostess Bakery thrift store in Bismarck, North Dakota on Friday, November 16, 2012. Normally, this aisle would be piled high with boxes of Hostess Twinkies, Zingers, Cupakes, Ho Hos and Ding Dongs.

Everybody panic!

Never take a golden sponge cake with creamy filling to a gunfight.