“It’s a killer-diller!”

“You bet, almost before you know it, a daily 10 minutes with ‘MINI-GYM’ builds you into the kind of real ‘he man’ material bosses want most… and girls go for fastest!” — It pays to read the tiny, tiny type!

How 'Mini-Gym' Turns Plant "Drip" Into Success Dynamo
(1951-1952 or so.)

The ad copy:

How ‘Mini-Gym’ Turns Plant “Drip” Into Success Dynamo

Sure, Tom. You’ve got the brains and more for that supervisor’s job — but you’d never be able to keep those tough hombres in the shop in line!

Well, maybe you’re right, boss!

Tom’d love to date you, Betty! Why don’t you give him a break?

Oh, Tom’s a nice guy, Jane — but you know how it is — I like a man who can dish it out as well as take it!

It’s no use, Sam — I’m moving on! I’m worse than a wash-out in this plant! I can’t get promotions like you!

Take it easy, Tom! All you need is a daily, 10-minute work-out with ‘Mini-Gym’ and you’ll soon be giving me a run for my money! Here, look at this ad!

Gosh, Sam! I’m a new man! Am I glad you made me clip that ‘Mini-Gym’ coupon! Watch me do Joe Bonomo’s tricky Exercise 10 again! It’s a Killer-Diller!

Go to it, kid! I always knew you had the stuff, but it takes ‘Mini-Gym’ to give a man top training!

Two months later…

Next time, feller, you’d better think first before you start shooting off your mouth at me!

Honest, Tom, I-I didn’t mean nothing!

Oh, Tom, you’re wonderful!

That supervisor’s job is yours, Tom! And I don’t have to wish you luck! You’ve made yourself into a real “comer” who makes his own luck!

Thanks, boss! I’ll make good… and how!

Ambitious men of all ages!
To get what you want out of life get fit with Joe Bonomo’s Magic Deluxe ‘Mini-Gym’!
Our special price only 3.95 complete

Free Joe Bonomo’s Personal Instruction Book

Every thrill-packed page written for you by Joe Bonomo, this big, 64-page book printed in 2 colors, gives you a complete ‘MINI-GYM’ health course. For more than an instruction manual, it’s an all-round, all-over Body Conditioner Course! Complete with 90 especially posed photos, charts, and fun-to-follow text. Size: 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″. YOURS FREE with your ‘MINI-GYM’!

You Can’t Be Too Old For ‘MINI_GYM!’

Thirteen or 30, 18 or 80, once you see ‘MINI-GYM’, you can’t wait to try it! Why? Because ‘MINI-GYM’ adapts instantly to the exercise needs… and thrills… of any age and all physical conditions from the weakest to the strongest!

Positive Money-Back Guarantee!

Yes, it means just that! order your ‘MINI-GYM’ today. Then test it in every way possible… exercise with it and enjoy it for 10 exciting days. If you are not satisfied in every way… in fact, delighted… just return ‘MINI-GYM’, and your money will be instantly refunded! Fair enough, isn’t it?

‘MINI-GYM’ Corp. Dept. HC78
1841 Broadway, New York 23, N.Y.

Packs all the punch of a big, expensive gym, including… • Rowing Machine • Well Exerciser • Tension Pulls • Bicycle

Why let the other fellow walk away with the job… and girl that should be yours? Life’s prizes go to the smart man who keeps himself in “prize” physical condition. It’s easy with the sensational new ‘MINI-GYM’. For with this new wonder exerciser, you can…

Enjoy real fun out of keeping fit

Man alive, you haven’t really lived ’til you get your eager hands (Yes, and feet, too) into Joe Bonomo’s fun-packed exerciser, the unique, new ‘MINI-GYM’! Even though you hated exercise before, with superb ‘MINI-GYM’ and Joe Bonomo’s big, new personal instruction book… you’ll eat it up! Find yourself having real fun… and loving it!

See how fast ‘MINI-GYM’ helps get you into A-1 shape!

You bet, almost before you know it, a daily 10 minutes with ‘MINI-GYM’ builds you into the kind of real “he man” material bosses want most… and girls go for fastest! Can’t help but be, for this new “miracle” ‘MINI-GYM’ is an all-around, all-ver body conditioner… meaning it does a 100% job of building YOU! Toning, strengthening and pepping up every muscle in your whole body!

‘MINI-GYM’S’ perfected by the famous Joe Bonomo!

World-famous professional strong man himself, Joe Bonomo knows what it takes to build the physically perfect man! (Yes, and woman, too!) And he’s put all his first-hand knowledge into the design of this terrific, new exerciser! So in ‘MINI-GYM’ you’ve got everything it takes for genuine, professional body-building!

Great for women, tool builds pep, personality!

Though ‘MINI-GYM’ is plenty tough for the professional athlete, it’s easy enough to be handles… and enjoyed… by any teen-age girl or small woman. How come? Because Joe Bonomo designed ‘MINI-GYM’ for girls and women, too! Especially those who want to develop real pep, alluring curves and a super gorgeous figure! No wonder gals everywhere go for ‘MINI-GYM’ in a big, BIG way!

Mail “No Risk” coupon now!

Order Your ‘MINI-GYM’ by model S, M or L.
Model S if you are under 5 ft. tall
Model M if you are 5 ft to 5 ft 10 in tall
Model L if you are over 5 ft. 10 in. tall

‘MINI-GYM’ Corp. Dept. HC78
1841 Broadway, New York 23, N.Y.

RUSH ME on complete ‘MINI-GYM’, MODEL ………. with 64-page Joe Bonomo Course Book. I will deposit $3.95, plus postage, with postman. If I am not satisfied in every way, I may return ‘MINI-GYM’ and Book within 10 days for full refund.

I enclose $3.95. You pay postage. Same money-back guarantee.

Print Plainly Please

I enclose $3.95. You pay postage. Same money-back guarantee.
(Canadian and Foreign Orders, $4.95 Cash with orders.)

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