“Big bubbles. No troubles.” — Sir Mix-a-Lot (attributed)

Hubba Bubba
1980 comic book ad for Hubba Bubba bubble gum

What a great way to introduce a new brand.

Look at the sheer amount of copy in this comic book ad aimed at kids!

The copywriter even got “akimbo” and “dadgum” approved!

Wowie-zowie! I’m impressed.

Note: I had no idea Hubba Bubba was available in mint flavor back in 1980.

The ad copy:

Gumfighting Do’s and Don’ts.

The first thing to do—pick the right chew: new Hubba Bubba. The soft and juicy bubble gum with amazing no-stick bubbles. Then proceed with this simple yet effective gumfight drill: (1) Begin blowing bubble. Note Hubba Bubba’s incredibly large bubble. (2) When the Hubba Bubba bubble breaks do not be alarmed. (3) Simply remove Hubba Bubba from your face. That’s right, simply remove and replace in mouth. Return to step 1. Repeat drill ten times.

The Proper Stance.

Gumfighter’s hat (optional)
Hubba bubba bubble should be facing opponent.
Keep elbows akimbo (bent)
Note soft, juicy and delicious Hubba Bubba close at hand.
Knees slightly bent forward
Feet planted firmly on ground

Your size is not important.

The size of your bubble is. And that means choosing the right bubble gum—Hubba Bubba. Because when it comes to great, big, fat bubbles, nothing sizes up to a Hubba Bubba bubble.

Big guy blowing little bubble.
Little guy blowing big Hubba Bubba bubble.
Note proper stance.

Accept no substitutes.

This boy did. And now instead of wearing a smile, he’s wearing a paper bag over the bubble gum stuck to his face. Definitely not new soft and juicy Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum. Does Hubba Bubba really work? Absolutely! Hubba Bubba is gumfighter tested and approved.

Dadbum my bubblegum!

So pick up a pack of new Hubba Bubba in original or mint flavor. Enjoy that soft, juicy, delicious taste. Plus those great, big Hubba Bubba bubbles that won’t stick to your face.

Soft. Juicy. Delicious.
[Hubba Bubba pack]
Big bubbles. No troubles.

Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company
Geographic availability may vary.

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