Beep-beep zip bang!

1971 Plymouth Road Runner

Fun facts: 

Plymouth paid Warner Bros. fifty grand to use the Road Runner name and likeness.

Hatched in 1968, the Plymouth Road Runner wasn’t discontinued until 1980.

And yes, Plymouth had a special beep-beep horn for it, developed by the Sparton Corporation of Jackson, Michigan. Hear it here.

The ad copy:

It still goes beep-beep.

And it still has fat tires, high-flow cylinder heads, 4-barrel carburetion and heavy-duty brakes and suspension.

And it still doesn’t have a lot of chrome or frilly adornments.

And it still does handle. (We’ve given it yet a wider rear track—by 3.2 inches—and a shorter wheelbase.)

And it’s still, well…still everything you’ve come to know and love it for. In other words, a low-prices honest-to-goodness high-performance car with the right equipment built right in.

But, as you can see, it has one heck of a slick, altogether new body.

it’s the 1971 Road Runner.

You’ll find it and all the other 1971 Plymouths in the Rapid Transit System (‘Cuda, Duster 340, GTX and Sport Fury GT) at any Plymouth Dealer.


The Rapid Transit System. Coming through.

Chrysler Motors Corporation

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