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(BONK) I coulda had a V-8!

1960 magazine ad for V-8 Cocktail Vegetable Juices

1960 magazine ad for V-8 Cocktail Vegetable Juices

The eight vegetables in V-8 are beets, celery, carrots, lettuce, parsley, watercress, spinach and tomato. And yes, I know tomatoes are botanically fruit.

Here. Have a history timeline of V-8!

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Thanks for tracking in all the snow, Santa.

This is probably my favorite of this last batch of Coca-Cola Santa ads.

Coca-Cola’s Santa Claus, 1958

… and now the gift for thirst

Coca-Cola’s Santa Claus, 1952

It’s hammer time.

Coca-Cola’s Santa Claus, 1953

There’s this about Coke…

Coca-Cola’s Santa Claus, 1954

Raquel Not Included

1911 magazine ad for Welch's Grape Juice
1911 magazine ad for Welch’s Grape Juice

A history of the Concord grape.

A history of the Concorde.

Methodist History: Communion and Welch’s Grape Juice

The approach in the advertising copy is… interesting. “We spent a lot of money on advertising, so give us your money.”

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Before There Was Resting Bitch Face

1933 Coca-Cola magazine ad
1933 Coca-Cola magazine ad

You can wear whatever you like, ok?

Just not with a Pepsi, ok?

Fun facts:

Before 1955, Coca-Cola was only sold at soda fountains or in 6.5 ounce bottles. Tres dainty.

The oldest known masks are around 9,000 years old.

Have you ever seen a kola nut?

“It is better to look good than to feel good.” – Fernando Lamas (the real one and the one played by Billy Crystal on SNL)

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Looks like Mountain Dew broke Advertising Rule 3,657

Advertising Rule 3,657: Unless your product is a vaginal irrigation device, make sure your product’s name doesn’t have “douche” in it when spoken.

Mountain Dew’s Dewshine