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Nothing sucks like Electrolux.

Seen at an auction, an Electrolux Users Manual, the front and back cover seen here.

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just slightly ahead of our time

Panasonic used to have a most excellent tagline.

Big Balls

Pinball poster for Chicago Coin. Year unknown.
Pinball poster for Chicago Coin. Year unknown.

The date on this Chicago Coin pinball poster is unknown to me, but was probably made before 1977 when its assets were sold to Gary and Sam Stern, forming Stern Electronics and then Stern Pinball.

I can’t look at this poster without thinking of the classic Sesame Street’s pinball animation to help kids with numbers.

The International Arcade Museum has quite a list of the games Chicago Coin made.

Pinside has a shorter list, but with images

A Brief History of the Silver Ball

The Founding of the Flippers

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This took a long time to reach me, but it was worth the wait.

From the fine people who brought you Oops! I Crapped My Pants.

Whoopsy! Fudge Stripes — Fully Fudged Cookies & Creme
Whoopsy! Fudge Stripes — Fully Fudged Cookies & Creme
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In Cucumeris Veritas

The cucumber is nature’s telescope. With it, we see the universe.

“The cucumber is nature’s telescope. With it, we see the universe.”

This is a promotional cup (and saucer) from Hendrick’s Gin that I picked up a while back.

If you go in search of what the heck that quote means, you will soon find yourself wanting to punch a linguist in the face.

Tough times call for PSA spokescharacters and catchy slogans.

“Remember, only you can prevent forest fires.”
— Smokey Bear

“Give a hoot. Don’t pollute.”
— Woodsy Owl

“Give the virus no assistance! Wash your hands and keep your distance!”
— Soapy the Pandemic Panda


Back in 2000 or so, DDB Chicago changed Leo Burnett’s “Behold, the power of cheese.” for America’s Dairy Farmers to “Ahh, the power of cheese.” after winning the account.

20 years later, I am no longer mad, but I am still disappointed.

Some Light Reading in the Drive-Thru Lane

Quality Service That Doesn't Cut Corners Is Our Recipe

I suspect a Wendy’s committee added those middle three lines, but it does explain their square burger patties.

Let’s go, Peloton!

“I ate a whole thing of garlic hummus last night, Peloton! I’ve got major garbanzo gas, Peloton! Pity the fools Pelopedaling behind me, Peloton! I’m Pelofarting my ass off, Peloton!”

— if I was a Peloton cycling instructor video-streaming on a Peloton in a Peloton commercial