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“Gee whiz! Dont I wish every day wuz de fourth”

Art by E.W. Kemble. Scan by me of a photo purchased on eBay of a copy of a photo of a photo of a scan* of a photo of a page in the June 29, 1904, issue of Puck magazine. If any of you happen to have a copy of that issue handy, please sent it to me as I have been on the hunt for it for years.

*My theory.

Sigh. It will have to do for now.

A Post-Victorian Flight of Fancy

Life magazine cover illustration by F.W. Read, March 17, 1904
Life magazine cover illustration by F.W. Read, March 17, 1904

“Let me know when we get to Mars.”
“We passed Mars ten planets ago, ma’am.”

This early cartoon/comic/illustration/panel is weird, wonderful and a work of art. It’s as if Jules Verne and Mark Twain had a baby, and I dig it.

The Artist is F.W. Read, but there is scant info online except for a few other pieces of work and that he/she studied in Paris at Académie Julian in 1891. If you know more, please let me know!

Wet Your Whistle

Needlecraft Magazine, August 1925

“Oh, you’re practicing social distancing in the future? What a shame. Well… I guess I’ll just have to help myself to your Gin Rickey and the rest of the pitcher too!”

Herbert Johnson’s Evolution of the Horse (1906)

Evolution of the Horse - As he was.
As he is.
And as he may be.

Woe Is Me

Walt Kuhn for Life humor magazine, December 13, 1906

Is that an unlimited data plan in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Oh. No pockets.

It’s almost as if Cricket Wireless is encouraging the Internet to add penises to their characters.

Dangling the opportunity right in front of us, so to speak.

Dance with a Witch in the Moonlight

Collier’s Magazine, November 1, 1947

One of the finest Halloween covers in American magazine history.
Art by the brilliant Earl Oliver Hurst.

There’s always room for Maxfield Parrish

Watch it wiggle, see it jiggle.

1922 Jell-O ad by Maxfield Friggin’ Parrish

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This Week in Ephemera

This is a score! The entire 1916 year of McCall’s magazine and in beautiful condition, especially considering these twelve issues are over a hundred years old.

Store display poster for M•A•C and Star Trek — Brilliant!

M•A•C and Star Trek

They made it so.