How to Impress a Biker Chick

1944 magazine ad for Hart Schaffner & Marx
1944 magazine ad for Hart Schaffner & Marx

Illustration by Jay Hyde Barnum. Not a lot of info online.

I’m not quite sure what sort of action went down in the illustration, but they both look great!

A History of Herringbone, courtesy of King & Allen Bespoke Tailoring

The ad copy:


Fortitude, man… that’s what you need to win her… and that’s what this rough fabric suit has! In fact, it’s the kind of suit that leads three lives.

It’s the choice of the man who likes the easy comfort of tweeds.

It’s the campus favorite.

And it is perfect for weekend wear, when you want to give your business worsteds, and yourself, a rest.

The trousers serve excellently as slacks, and the coat makes a good-looking extra jacket addition to your wardrobe. In tan, gray, russet brown herringbones and diagonals… at your Hart Schaffner & Marx dealer’s.

*The Red Cross is at HIS side… your support will keep it there

A small thing to look for
A big thing to find

Hart Schaffner & Marx

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