Do you have under-par children like High-Strung Helen?

Magazine ad for Ovaltine, circa 1934
Magazine ad for Ovaltine, circa 1934

The History of Ovomaltine, err, Ovaltine

The ad copy:

High-Strung Helen
She was thin as a rail — and nervous as a cat, until…

Mom: Helen, darling, please stop fidgeting and eat something!
Dad: Look there — You’ve hardly touched your spinach.
Helen: I don’t want it!

Dad: I tell you, Molly, she’s simply skin and bones — and nervous as a cat! Look at her!
Mom: I simply can’t understand it. I’ve tried everything but still she just nibbles at her food — and fidgets worse than ever.

NEXT DAY — An Accidental Meeting

Aunt Cora: Hello Molly. I want you to meet Miss Brooks — the New 3rd grade teacher.
Mom: Oh, so you’re Helen’s teacher. I’m so glad to meet you — She just talks about you all the time.

Miss Brooks: … She’s really a lovely child, Mrs. Jackson. But lately she seems so nervous and high-strung she can hardly sit still a minute.
Mom: I’ve just worried myself sick over it, Miss Brooks — and she gets thinner every day… I wish I knew what to do.

Miss Brooks: Well — I’ve seen lots of nervous children all these years that I’ve been teaching, and I’ve seen some wonderful things happen to them when their mothers started giving them Ovaltine.
Mom: Ovaltine? You mean that Swiss food-drink you hear so much about these days?

Miss Brooks: Yes — and in New York they made some tests with 48 school children — and found that nervousness decreased 25% in some cases in only 2 weeks time.. You really ought to try it.
Mom: Well, I’m certainly going to get a can of it, right this minute!

Mom: A can of Ovaltine, please!

Helen: Mm! It’s wonderful, Mama! I could drink this all day!
Mom: Well, you can have all you want, honey, because it’s as good for you as it tastes!


Dad: Say — What’s come over Helen? She’s eating like a trooper.. No “fidgets” or fussing at all.
Mom: And that’s her second helping of carrots! I can hardly believe my eyes.

Dad: Look at this Molly! She’s gained 6 pounds in just no time at all!
Mom: And when you think how thin and “spindly” she’s always been — It seems almost too good to be true!


Dad: That’s it, Helen. Take your report card over and show it to your Aunt Cora.
Helen: Look Aunt Cora — I got three “excellents” this month!
Aunt Cora: Really, Molly, you’re a “miracle worker”! I’ve never seen a child build up so fast — and there’s not a sign of nervousness now!
Mom: Don’t give the credit to me. That goes to Miss Brooks — and Ovaltine!

Mothers! Here’s How Ovaltine Helps the Nervous Child
And Often Adds A Pound A Week In Weight

Ovaltine is a pure food concentrade approved by more than 20,000 doctors. It is highly valued because of the very noticeable increases in both weight and nerve poise, which so frequently occur, when Ovaltine is added to the regular daily fare.

Recent scientific tests conducted wit 48 school children in New York showed a decrease in nervousness, in some cases, of 25% in 2 weeks when Ovaltine was added to the regular diet.

85% of all nervous, under-par children treated in these New York tests responded almost at once. In one case, nervousness diminished as much as 18% in a single week.

While these results are of outstnading significance to mothers of nervous children, they are equally important to the mothers of underweight children, too. For child specialists have long observed that underweight and nervousness usually go hand in hand.

Thus, when a child is given Ovaltine, he benefits 2 ways. For it acts to break up the “vicious circle” that nervousness and underweight always tend to create. And often, weight increases of a pound a week or more are reported when Ovaltine is added to normal diet.

Thousands of nervous people, men and women, take Ovaltine for sleeplessness—and to restore vitality when fatigues.

You simply mix Ovaltine with milk—either hot or cold—and children love it for its delicious taste. You can obtain Ovaltine at any drug or grocery store. Get a can of it today. (Note the special offer of the genuine Little Orphan Annie Mug for serving hot Ovaltine.)

Look for New Low Prices
at Drug, Grocery and Department Stores

The Food Beverage
A food discovery from Switzerland
The Wander Company

Mom: Mail this in and see for yourself how remarkable Ovaltine really is—and what a change it may bring in just a few weeks’ time!

Mail for Sample Package
The Wander Co.,
180 N. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, Ill. Dept. 11-D

Send me your sample package of Ovaltine. I enclose 10¢ to cover cost of packing and mailing. (Or 25¢ for special offer at right.)

(These offers good in U.S.A. only)
Name (Please print name and address clearly in pencil)
(One package to a person)

Special Offer
Orphan Annie’s Very Own Mug
With colored pictures of Orphan Annie and Sandy, her dog. Orphan Annie Mug and sample package, 25¢.

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