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Where’s the milestone emoji?

How can social media effectively promote a company milestone?

Step 1: Have a company milestone. If one is not handy, fabricate or borrow one.

Step 2: Take a group photo with everybody holding a little plate with a piece of cake on it. Offer a gluten-free option.

Step 3: Have a human write a little something about what’s going on.

Step 4: More emojis, more better.

Step 5: Put it on social media. See? That wasn’t so hard.

Walkin’ in a Maker’s Mark Whisky Wonderland

Christmas 2020 and 2021 Ambassador goodies from the fine folks at Maker’s Mark.

I’m being fashionably late.

Maker’s Mark Playing Cards
Maker’s Mark Puzzle

Big Balls

Pinball poster for Chicago Coin. Year unknown.
Pinball poster for Chicago Coin. Year unknown.

The date on this Chicago Coin pinball poster is unknown to me, but was probably made before 1977 when its assets were sold to Gary and Sam Stern, forming Stern Electronics and then Stern Pinball.

I can’t look at this poster without thinking of the classic Sesame Street’s pinball animation to help kids with numbers.

The International Arcade Museum has quite a list of the games Chicago Coin made.

Pinside has a shorter list, but with images

A Brief History of the Silver Ball

The Founding of the Flippers

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Are you a hoser?

Print ad for the Strange Brew movie. Circa 1983.

Don’t Bring Me Down

Electric Light Orchestra ad found in a 1976 issue of Crawdaddy magazine.
Found in a 1976 issue of Crawdaddy magazine.

Don’t you hate it when you buy a full-page ad with minimal copy and lots of glorious white space and you forget to proofread the headline?

Fun fact: This record was originally pressed in gold vinyl.

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An angry thunderbolt of terror explodes out of the ocean’s depths!

♬ DaadumbDaadumbDadumb dadumb dadumb dadumb.

Found on the back cover of Marvel’s The Tomb of Dracula, Lord of Vampires #60 (September 1977) comic book.

Jaws it ain’t.

“A lousier movie may get made one of these days or years, but it will have to wrest the trophy from the dead and icy grasp of Orca.” — LA Times

“If it were medically possible to overdose on claptrap, Orca, which opened yesterday at the Criterion and other theaters, would be compelled to carry a warning from the Surgeon General.” — The New York Times

Well, now I’m probably going to have to find and watch it.

Spoiler alert: Bo Derek (in her movie debut) supposedly gets her leg chomped off in this masterpiece.

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A Pain in the Asterisk

Looks like Barnes & Noble might soon have to replace the Paranormal Teen Romance section with a Sassy Self Help and Personal Growth Books with Barely Bleeped Sweary Titles section.

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