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The Maid’s Dilemma

In 1971, the Joseph Schlitz Brewing Co. sent out fancy-looking replicas of one of its 1906 advertising pieces to… oh, probably bars, package stores and, who knows, maybe even courthouses and Girl Scout troops. It was a different time. Anyways, here’s one of them.

Schlitz — The Maid's Dilemma
Schlitz — The Maid’s Dilemma
Schlitz — The Maid's Dilemma
Schlitz — The Maid’s Dilemma

The Right of Way

Remington Autoloading Rifle and Lesters - America's Cheapest Ammunition Tin Signs

I love this pairing.

The one on the left is a reproduction of Philip Goodwin’s “The Right of Way” by the Remington Arms Company from their “famous Remington Wildlife Art Collection” and was first issued in 1907.

The one on the right isn’t.

Big Balls

Pinball poster for Chicago Coin. Year unknown.
Pinball poster for Chicago Coin. Year unknown.

The date on this Chicago Coin pinball poster is unknown to me, but was probably made before 1977 when its assets were sold to Gary and Sam Stern, forming Stern Electronics and then Stern Pinball.

I can’t look at this poster without thinking of the classic Sesame Street’s pinball animation to help kids with numbers.

The International Arcade Museum has quite a list of the games Chicago Coin made.

Pinside has a shorter list, but with images

A Brief History of the Silver Ball

The Founding of the Flippers

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This took a long time to reach me, but it was worth the wait.

Burn with me.

A 1955 magazine ad for Caron’s Poivre.
Found in the February 1955 issue of Town & Country magazine.

“Here’s to women who play with fire and the perfume that they can smolder in.” — from a review of this scent by Barbara Herman at Yesterday’s Perfume.

Fun facts:

“Poivre” is French for “pepper”, named after the fragrance’s hot spicy pepper top note and now I really want to smell it.

Caron’s Poivre squeaked in at #10 in this list of The World’s 10 Most Expensive Perfumes Ever Created.

You can pick up 90 ml. of this perfume on Etsy for the low, low price of $2,130! (used)

Parfums Caron is still going strong.

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Store display poster for M•A•C and Star Trek — Brilliant!

M•A•C and Star Trek

They made it so.