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The Maid’s Dilemma

In 1971, the Joseph Schlitz Brewing Co. sent out fancy-looking replicas of one of its 1906 advertising pieces to… oh, probably bars, package stores and, who knows, maybe even courthouses and Girl Scout troops. It was a different time. Anyways, here’s one of them.

Schlitz — The Maid's Dilemma
Schlitz — The Maid’s Dilemma
Schlitz — The Maid's Dilemma
Schlitz — The Maid’s Dilemma

That’s a good price.

1979 Polar Package newspaper ad (Bismarck ND)

This took a long time to reach me, but it was worth the wait.

Ah-h-h, man… there’s real flavor!

I was excited to discover that a 1948 issue of Dakota Farmer that I won at auction had a full page ad for Grain Belt beer. Even better, 70 or so years ago, some kid colored in the teeth of the feller in the ad, which as we all know, increases its value in the collectibles market by at least 50x.

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Bros before hoes.

his buds or you

Moments later, they were trampled by the herd.

Falstaff Beer “framed” print seen at auction.

A Beauty from Anheuser-Busch

I love this.

My other car is a clydesdale.

Does a Bear Schlitz in the Woods? — Dawn of the Furries

1949 magazine ad for Schlitz Beer that I found in a box of scraps.

Ad Thoughts:

That clown is totally doing the Creepy Stalk & Stare on the bunny, which changes the narrative’s dynamic a tad.

I’m impressed they allowed a one-eyed pirate with depth perception problems to pour the beer and navigate a crowded party.

America needs a matador these days, to kill the bull.

After panel three, does the bear and bunny hump with the costumes on or off? I’m thinking on.

Fun Facts:

In 1902, the Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company was the biggest brewer in America.

Along with the tagline used in this ad, Schlitz later had “”When you’re out of Schlitz, you’re out of beer.” Oh no! I’m out of Schlitz! Continue reading

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