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Oh, like a wizard bear never grabbed your ass while you were playing video games in the shopping mall arcade.

A 1983 magazine ad for Atari’s Crystal Castles.
A 1983 magazine ad for Atari’s Crystal Castles.

Bone shards:

Bentley Bear makes an appearance in Wreck-It Ralph!

Crystal Castles was a trackball game. And now I’m having Marble Madness flashbacks.

Crystal Castles is now a Canadian band.

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The last of the video rental stores.

Video Action in Bismarck, North Dakota

Be kind. Rewind.

When Poets Sell Out — 7 Shameless Examples of Product Placement in Poetry

There are more than a few people who bemoan the proliferation of product placement in today’s entertainment world, but unbeknownst to them, this is not a recent phenomenon. For centuries now, highly respected poets have turned themselves into blemished bards by skillfully plopping a brand into their work in exchange for a bit of money (or a decent bottle of absinthe). After a bit of research, I have found seven blatant examples of this foul practice that you might not have noticed back in English Lit class. Continue reading