Oh, like a wizard bear never grabbed your ass while you were playing video games in the shopping mall arcade.

A 1983 magazine ad for Atari’s Crystal Castles.
A 1983 magazine ad for Atari’s Crystal Castles.

Bone shards:

Bentley Bear makes an appearance in Wreck-It Ralph!

Crystal Castles was a trackball game. And now I’m having Marble Madness flashbacks.

Crystal Castles is now a Canadian band.

The ad copy:

“The name’s Bentley Bear. And I’m busting loose!”

Ever since ATARI made me the star of Crystal Castles, their latest coin video smash it’s been go, go, go! I’m running loose in wave after wave of super 3-D playfields. And getting richer and richer bagging all these gems.

Picking up jewels sure beats hibernating but it’s not all that easy. Sometimes I get lost in tunnels, then I’m always being chased by all those far out creatures they created just to keep me from collecting the goodies.

Luckily Atari has also programmed a few tricks to help me—like the Warp Tunnel which lets me jump ahead in the game and gives you a big bonus. And there are chances for Secret Warps too!

Looking for a brand new coin video challenge? Check out new Crystal Castles from Atari! Will you like it? Do bears sleep in the woods?

Crystal Castles

New from Atari coin video games.


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