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The Right of Way

Remington Autoloading Rifle and Lesters - America's Cheapest Ammunition Tin Signs

I love this pairing.

The one on the left is a reproduction of Philip Goodwin’s “The Right of Way” by the Remington Arms Company from their “famous Remington Wildlife Art Collection” and was first issued in 1907.

The one on the right isn’t.

A Post-Victorian Flight of Fancy

Life magazine cover illustration by F.W. Read, March 17, 1904
Life magazine cover illustration by F.W. Read, March 17, 1904

“Let me know when we get to Mars.”
“We passed Mars ten planets ago, ma’am.”

This early cartoon/comic/illustration/panel is weird, wonderful and a work of art. It’s as if Jules Verne and Mark Twain had a baby, and I dig it.

The Artist is F.W. Read, but there is scant info online except for a few other pieces of work and that he/she studied in Paris at Académie Julian in 1891. If you know more, please let me know!

The best brands aren’t afraid to wink at you.

Little touches can have a big impact.

Photo is of the spiffy back flap of a Mezzetta envelope sent to me after an email correspondence regarding their discontinued Olives in Habanero Hot Sauce — a jar of fiery and unfathomable deliciousness that I hope and pray they will one day dis-discontinue.

I’m currently going through a case of shingles* and Mezzetta made me smile. Not a small feat.

*the medical condition, not the roofing material