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Mexico, the Italy of America

A 1904 magazine ad for Southern Pacific
A 1904 magazine ad for Southern Pacific

Ok, we have a few scenic stops mentioned in this ad, but sadly, no travel brochure. I guess we’ll just have to settle for the Internet.

The Ruins of Mitla

The Catacombs of Guanajuato. Bring your mummy.

The Pyramids of Cholula

The Valley and Hills of Monterey
Hmm… Monterey is in California, but there is an Monterrey in Mexico. Quite lovely.

Ok, not gonna lie… This trip would be amazeballs. That’s a good thing.

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That family is, like, the worst fruit pickers EVER.

Magazine ad for the Golden State Limited found in the January 7, 1904 issue of Life magazine.
From the January 7, 1904 issue of Life magazine.

I have questions.
What is that tool/toy at the bottom of the ad?
The husband is totally cheating on her, right?
Is wearing white really the wisest choice here?

Fun facts:

Classic Trains has a nice assortment of Golden State Limited marketing materials.

Golden State’s later years were not quite so posh and luxurious.

And what good is Golden State Limited history if it doesn’t include tales of train robberies gone wrong and bodies found in drippy trunks?

Oh, now you want to learn more about Winnie Ruth Judd, AKA the Trunk Murderess, AKA the Tiger Woman, AKA the Blonde Butcher? I gotcha covered. Also, there’s a website named Murderpedia.

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“…feel even more feminine than before.”

1969 magazine ad for Eastern Air Lines (1926-1991)
1969 magazine ad for Eastern Air Lines (1926-1991)

Ever see The Wicker Man movie? The one with Edward Woodward, not the iffy remake with Nicolas Cage. Oh, no reason.

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Hobnob with the Snobs

“Tonight we will enjoy only the finest of tastes and only the snootiest of laughter.”

— Preston Northwest, Gravity Falls

The California Limited
1904 magazine ad for the hoity-toity California Limited
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Shirking Boredom with Airplane Safety Instruction Cards


On the last leg of my flight from Seattle to Bismarck, I went looking for a diversion.

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