Come on, ride the train, hey, ride it.

1904 magazine ad for Union Pacific Line’s Overland Limited
1904 magazine ad for Union Pacific Line’s Overland Limited

The Overland Limited was the “the ne plus ultra of travel luxury

Did you know that thing in front of the train is called a cowcatcher? Or a pilot, if you’re boring.

The Overland Limited was in service from 1887 to 1963, Or maybe 1899 to 1938. There is some disagreement.

The ad copy:

To California
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul

Union Pacific Line

Tens of thousands are going to California for their Winter vacations. Are you? 

The trip can be made quickly, comfortably, and at slight expense by the through train service of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul and Union Pacific Line. The Overland Limited via this line takes you from Chicago to California in less than three days.

Booklets sent free.

369 Washington St., Boston.
200 Ellicott Square, Buffalo.
95 Adams St., Chicago
12 Carew Bldg., Cincinnati.
217 Williamson Bldg., Cleveland
3 Campus Martius, Detroit.
381 Broadway, New York.
402 East Water St., Milwaukee.
818 Chestnut St., Philadelphia.
Room D, Park Bldg., Pittsburg.
365 Robert St., St. Paul.
8 King St., East, Toronto.

F.A. Miller
General Passenger Agent

2 thoughts on “Come on, ride the train, hey, ride it.

  1. Jim Fuglie

    For several years in the 1950s I met the CMSP (AKA The Milwaukee Road) train at 6 a.m. every Sunday morning at the Hettinger train depot, when it slowed just enough for the boxcar attendant to throw my bundle of Minneapolis Tribunes out the door. I Ioaded them in my wagon in summer, on my sled in winter, and traipsed through most streets of Hettinger delivering the Sunday morning news. And, each year the Tribune had a subscription sales contest, and the winner got a train trip to Minneapolis. I won twice, and the first time I got to ride the train to the Minnesota State Fair, where I got my first taste of sin–a few of us paperboys poked our heads under the striptease tent. The second time I won, I got to go see the Minnesota Twins in their in their inaugural season in Minneapolis, in 1961. Hooray for the MIlwaukee Road!

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