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1911 magazine ad for Welch's Grape Juice
1911 magazine ad for Welch’s Grape Juice

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The approach in the advertising copy is… interesting. “We spent a lot of money on advertising, so give us your money.”

The ad copy:

Welch’s Grape Juice
The National Drink

When you drink your first glass of Welch’s, think of how long we have worked to induce you to try it.

Possibly you have been reading our advertisements for years. In the magazines, in the streete cars, in window displays — we have been asking you to try Welch’s.

We wouldn’t have tried so hard and so long just to persuade you to try one glass or one bottle.

Think it over.

There must be some reason for our confidence.

Millions of constant users know that reason.

We have been making Welch’s grape juice for forty years. We make nothing but Welch’s. We ought to know how—and there is a lot to know.

We believe in Welch’s, and so will you when you try it. You will know then that it is perfect and pure, that it is the most satisfactory beverage for all occasions.

When you drink your first glass of Welch’s, please think of what it means to be drinking a grape juice, the makers of which have such a solid belief in and knowledge of their product that they have kept right on for years asking you to try it. Think what kind of a grape juice it must be to merit this belief in it and confidence back of it.

Drink Welch’s—only Welch’s—at the soda fountain at your club, in your home. Let your children have all they want.

If your dealer does not have it he will get it for you, or you may send us $3.00 for a trial case of 12 pints, express prepaid east of Omaha. Sample 4-oz. bottle by mail, 10c.

Ladies—Send for our free booklet of grape juice recipes.

The Welch Grape Juice Co.
Westfield, N.Y.

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