“requires no exhausts, plumbing, dark rooms or messy inks”

Bruning Copyflex ad
Boy, I wish I wrote down the year of the magazine this was in. Might’ve been a Pathfinder. Remember, this didn’t cost you nuthin’.

Find out a bit more about Bruning via Forgotten Chicago.

I think the “ordinary translucent paper” mentioned in the ad copy might’ve been vellum or onionskin, but I could be wrong.

What the hell is Diazotype, you ask? MoMA has you covered.

“What time am it when little hand on da three anna big one there?”

The ad copy:

X marks the spot where…

COPYFLEX saves 10,000 man-hours for industrial wholesaler*

Every month 6,500 orders for over 35,000 items poured into the office of a big, Midwest industrial wholesaler.

Billing was two to three weeks late… back orders piled up… invoicing errors multiplied… and the wrong merchandise was often shipped.

Then a Bruning Copyflex order-invoice system was put to work. one simple form eliminated eleven separate typing operations on each order. All the copies needed are made on a Model 14 COPYFLEX.

Results? Five full-time clerks were freed for other work… transcription errors vanished… back-order snarls disappeared… invoicing caught up with shipment.

Cut Paperwork Costs

Let Bruning put an end to high-cost paperwork with a Bruning Copyflex order-invoice system. Copyflex copies anything typed, written, drawn or printed on ordinary translucent paper… gives errorproof, ready-to-use black-on-white diazotype copies in seconds… requires no exhausts, plumbing, dark rooms or messy inks, needs only an electrical connection. Write Dept. N113, Charles Bruning Company, Inc., 4700 Montrose Ave., Chicago 41, Ill.

*Name on request

Model 14 COPYFLEX Machine

Bruning Copyflex
Specialists in copying since 1897

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