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The soles are shot
The canvas torn
They’ve gone to pot
These shoes I’ve worn

They lasted long
And then some more
So this swan song
Has hit the floor

They paid their dues
t’s nighty-night
My Puma shoes
Head toward the light

For real ball handling…

A comic book ad for Spalding from 1977.
A comic book ad for Spalding from 1977.

Bone shards:

Who is that white dude, err, I mean that nearly unstoppable offensive juggernaut?

Rick Barry’s free throws were underhanded, granny-style, or granny shots, which some of you may remember from a certain Will Ferrell basketball movie.

Behold, the great and wondrous Julius Erving / Dr. J.

During World War II, Spalding helped manufacture M1918 Browning Automatic Rifles.

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