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The soles are shot
The canvas torn
They’ve gone to pot
These shoes I’ve worn

They lasted long
And then some more
So this swan song
Has hit the floor

They paid their dues
t’s nighty-night
My Puma shoes
Head toward the light

“Brown shoes don’t make it.” — Frank Zappa

1948 magazine ad for Lady Nettleton shoes
1948 magazine ad for Lady Nettleton shoes

I’m sorry, but Lady Nettleton can’t come to the phone right now. She’s having tea with Mrs. Nesbit.

I’ve heard of gila monsters, and Gilly, and ghillie suits, but I never knew that a ghillie was also a type of shoe. Who knew!?

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It’s 2017, but I would totally wear these glorious shoes from 1974.

Not even gonna rip on this ad, because those are awesome shoes. Somebody please make these shoes again!

A most groovy Pedwin ad from a 1974 magazine.

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what a croc

In Vogue.

In Vogue.

They’re so not cool that they’re cool… to the point of not being cool again… which makes them cool again… making people realize they’re not cool… which isn’t just cool… it’s tres cool… so very not cool.

So… Are you pro-Crocs or no-Crocs?

Puma, I thought I knew ya.

This is thinking outside the box in the truest sense! Big props to the creative and practical minds behind Puma’s Clever Little Bag, using 65% less paper than regular shoeboxes. Plus, a reusable bag. Clever indeed.

It would appear that somebody didn’t get the 2006 memo that “Extreme” was over.

I bet they’re also totally radical.