It’s 2017, but I would totally wear these glorious shoes from 1974.

Not even gonna rip on this ad, because those are awesome shoes. Somebody please make these shoes again!

A most groovy Pedwin ad from a 1974 magazine.

The copy:

Bold is beautiful!

Pedwin goes higher and bolder with a tricolor blend in the Tripoli. The bump toe stands out under the wildest cuffs. And the one-piece Triton bottom won’t weigh you down. Boldness comes easy with Pedwin — most styles $16 to $25.*

To find your nearest store, dial free, 800-447-4700.
In Illinois, 800-322-4400.

*Suggested retail prices.
Brown Shoe Company, St. Louis, Missouri.
Also Brown Shoe Company of Canada, Ltd. Member Companies of Brown Group, Inc.

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