Back when Harley riders wore Lacoste polo shirts.

I gotta say, “The Great American Freedom Machine” is a great tagline.
Harley-Davidson should bring it back.

Harley-Davidson ad from a 1974 magazine.

Did he set up camp in mud? Perhaps that’s volcanic ash. Also, he has a surprising amount of camping gear.

The copy:

Clear your head.

All New Harley-Davidson SX-197

With a Harley-Davidson SX-175. A rugged on-road, off-road freedom machine.

It has a two-stroke, oil-injected, chrome bore, aluminum cylinder engine that’ll move you out and away.

Plus breakerless CDI ignition, 5-way adjustable rear shocks, 5-speed trans, tachometer, speedometer, solid state rectifier and 12-volt alternator.

And more. I.S.D.T. quick, detachable rear wheel, primary kick start, cross-braced handlebars, oil tak integral with frame. Safety rim locks.

A hefty moto-cross type front fork with 6 1/2” travel, labyrinth seal brake hubs, and full electrics are also part of the bargain. So when things hassle you, throw some stuff on your SX-175, kick her down, and move out to where you can get some freedom and solitude.

And clear your head.

The Great American Freedom Machine

AMF Harley-Davidson

AMF Harley-Davidson • Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53201 • Member Motorcycle Industry Council

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