“Brown shoes don’t make it.” — Frank Zappa

1948 magazine ad for Lady Nettleton shoes
1948 magazine ad for Lady Nettleton shoes

I’m sorry, but Lady Nettleton can’t come to the phone right now. She’s having tea with Mrs. Nesbit.

I’ve heard of gila monsters, and Gilly, and ghillie suits, but I never knew that a ghillie was also a type of shoe. Who knew!?

The ad copy:

Smart to the last stitch…

These are Lady Nettletons! Our craftsmen really like to make shoes—that’s why you find such suave styling, such clean lines in every pair.

That’s why—when you want the smartest shoe classics made—you just say, “Lady Nettletons, please!”

Styles Illustrated:
Back Stratford

Lady Nettleton
At better stores from coast to coast

Write A.E. Nettleton Co., Syracuse, N.Y. for new free Style Sketchbook

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