Excellent work, USA Today.

Branding done right.

The Naked Truth

I have a sneaking suspicion that they wouldn’t let us get away with this sort of thing these days.

Puma, I thought I knew ya.

This is thinking outside the box in the truest sense! Big props to the creative and practical minds behind Puma’s Clever Little Bag, using 65% less paper than regular shoeboxes. Plus, a reusable bag. Clever indeed.

“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

Burger King has an impressive Twitter reaction time.

They took only four minutes and replied perfectly.

Good job, Whopper folks!

Find it on Twitter here.

Cricket is very brand-conscious.


And always stylish.

Two things I learned from the cover of a Planters mixed nuts holiday gift tin.

1. Mr. Peanut likes to go sledding in the shells of his slain enemies.

2. Mr. Peanut’s personal assistant has some serious arm and leg issues.

Looks like Mountain Dew broke Advertising Rule 3,657

Advertising Rule 3,657: Unless your product is a vaginal irrigation device, make sure your product’s name doesn’t have “douche” in it when spoken.

Mountain Dew’s Dewshine

Cricket Discovers Tchaikovsky

12 Important Subdemographics for Millennials

You hear a lot of talk about the Millennial Generation (“Generation Y” to those who don’t know how to spell “Millennials”) these days, and a lot of it is damned confusing. Well, to make matters even more confusing, did you know that there are thousands of subdemographic categories for these precious little snowflakes? Here are twelve of them: Continue reading