Here’s your plop of mayo, kids!

A Hellmann’s/Best Foods Real Mayonnaise magazine ad found in the July 1938 issue of The American Home

A Hellmann’s/Best Foods Real Mayonnaise magazine ad found in the July 1938 issue of The American Home

Hellmann’s and Best Foods Real Mayonnaise… Why two names? Let’s find out!

Ketchup’s dark twin – a brief history of mayonnaise.

Mayonnaise, the centuries-old technological wonder

The ad copy:

We always eat our salads now!
With Real Mayonnaise
Really Fresh!

It’s no problem now to get Dede and Bobby to eat their quota of fresh vegetables every day. I fix them a salad. They’re crazy about the mayonnaise!

Well, I’d try that for my youngsters—if it weren’t such a job to make mayonnaise!

But don’t you know you can get this real mayonnaise at your grocer’s? It’s entirely different from ordinary dressings. Make by the regular home recipe—no starchy fillers! And it tastes fresh even than home-made!

My goodness! How do they do it?

We make it with “fresh-press” salad oil!

Mayonnaise, you know, can only be as fresh as the salad oil used to make it. You can be sure “FRESH-PRESS” Salad Oil is fresh because we prepare it ourselves—fresh every day—just as it is needed! It goes into our double-whipper right away. There it is mixed with freshly broken, whole eggs, our own special blend of vinegars, and choicest spices. Nothing else. No starchy fillers. It’s all mayonnaise! That’s why our two brand of Real Mayonnaise (Best Foods in the West; Hellmann’s in the East) taste so right… so creamy.. and so FRESH!

We’ve become a family of salad fans since my friend told me about this real mayonnaise made with “fresh-press” salad oil!

It’s the freshest there it! Made fresh every day, too—and rushed to us by speedy truck delivery!

Dunk-It Salad

Here is a salad which little folks can manage with ease. It is perfectly proper to pick up the asparagus stalks, carrot wheels and tomato wedges, “dunk” them in the mayonnaise, and eat without benefit of salad fork.

18 stalks asparagus, cooked
3 small carrots, scraped
2 small tomatoes
Lettuce • Romaine
Hellmann’s or Best Foods Real Mayonnaise

Arrange 3 stalks of asparagus in a leaf of romaine on individual salad plates. Please wedges of tomato and slices of carrot in separate lettuce cups (see illustration) allowing 3 wedges of tomato and 7 slices of carrot to a service. Please Real Mayonnaise in a lettuce cup garnished with parsley. Serves 6.

Best Foods
Real Mayonnaise

In the West
Best Foods

In the East

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