The Giblet that Refreshes

The Fifties were a dark time, especially since they hadn’t yet figured out the recipe for Coca-Cola-glazed turkey.

1959 two-page Coca-Cola / Coke Thanksgiving magazine ad

“Grandma, did you forget to make the damned potatoes again?”

Little Jimmy was excited that he’d finally get to carve the Thanksgiving Jack-o-Lantern. Little Jimmy was a dumbass.

Grandma Esther was thankful that she smoked the reefer before the family arrived.

The ad copy:

America Pauses to be Thankful!

Thankful…for the family life that is ours in America.

Thankful…for the hope-filled future that is our children’s heritage.

Thankful…for all the bounties our fertile land provides.

Thankful…for all the freedoms we cherish.

Thankful, too, is Coca-Cola that it can share in all these things.



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