The perfect word.

Behold, the out-of-print poster you never knew you wanted.

The perfect word.
Found in Rolling Stone Magazine, May 22, 1975.

Language warning. Hey, it was the Seventies.

The poster copy:


The perfect word.

It’s a noun. And a verb. Add “ing” and it becomes an adverb. or an adjective. It’s feminine. Masculine. And neuter.

It’s a positive word. A negative word. A personal word. An impersonal word. It’s a declarative. An expletive. A directive. A request. A question. And an answer.

No matter how you personally feel about it, it’s the only word, by itself, capable of getting you through the day. Day after day.

No doubt about it, it’s the perfect word.

Fucking perfect.

[Note: The double space after “capable” is killing me. Who proofed this 45 years ago!?]

The Perfect Word Poster.
Found in Rolling Stone Magazine, May 22, 1975.

The ad copy:

The Perfect Word Poster.

The word. Enjoy it in an original composition. Beautifully printed. Suitable for framing. 18”x25” black and white Merit Awards Winner in the Los Angeles Art Directors Awards Book. An Excellent [sic] gift. Make someone happy. $3.50 plus $1.00 handling and postage each. Allow 30 days for delivery. Send check or money order to:

Perfect Word Poster
P.O. Box 132
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

Name_____ Street_____ City_____ State_____ Zip_____
Quantity (includés [sic] handling and postage)
[ ] 1 @ $ 4.50  [ ] 2 @ $ 8.50  [ ] 3 @ $12.00
California residents: Add 6% sales tax.


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