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The ad copy:

“Your time has expired, leave.”

Ye Olden Times

Progressive Farmer

Farmers increase the yield of your crops by using Jones’ Pat. Polished Steel Drill Points,

Which fit all drill boots, cut flat bottom furrows, cover with moist, mellow soil (rather than dry surface earth), and, instead of crowding the seed into a breadth of but one inch in the rows, spread it three and four inches, thus allowing the plant room to stool*, so conducive to its subsequent growth and proper development.

Jones’ seeding and cultivating attachment is also easily adjusted to any drill, spreads the seed 4, 5, and 6 inches in the rows, and my experience with it seeding and cultivating my present wheat crop of 150 acres, warrants me in placing it head and shoulders above any other device.

Address, for particulars,

Circulars free.

Agents wanted; reference required.

John A. Jones, Mt. Pleasant, Del.


*My initial idea of what “room to stool” meant was very, very wrong. – Clay

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