Chicks dig it.

Found in a 1903 issue of Life magazine.

Odds and ends:

A portière (mentioned at the bottom of the ad) is a hanging curtain placed over a door or doorway. I am not sure if a beaded curtain officially qualifies as a portière, but why not, eh?

Online, I found a couple of variations of the Lewando’s mother cat delicately and lovingly hanging the chicks up to dry, and when in color, each of the clothespinned chicks is a different color. Probably because of their dyeing services, but maybe just because it’s cute. Dye hard.

“Cleansing” sounds much more elegant and thorough than “cleaning”. You can probably charge more for it.

Sometimes Lewando’s has an apostrophe, and sometimes Lewandos doesn’t have an apostrophe. Lewando does what Lewando wants.

Ad copy:


New York 479 Fifth Avenue
Philadelphia 1631 Chestnut Street
Boston 17 Temple Place 284 Boylston Street
Providence 337 Westminster Street
New Haven 123 Church Street
Hartford 50 Asylum Street
Newport R I 155 Thames Street
Worcester Mass 3 Pleasant Street
Watertown Mass 9 Galen Street
Cambridge Mass 1274 Massachusetts Avenue
Baltimore MD 214 W Fayette Street

Bundles called for and delivered


Largest in America
Established 1829

Lewando’s French Dyeing and Cleansing Company
“You can rely on Lewando’s”

We Cleanse or Dye all fabrics used in the home or of personal wear including Blankets Lace Curtains Draperies Portieres Rugs Gloves Feathers Real Laces Ribbons Scarfs Doylies Fine Table Linen and Clothing of all kinds for men women or children

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