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The best brands aren’t afraid to wink at you.

Little touches can have a big impact.

Photo is of the spiffy back flap of a Mezzetta envelope sent to me after an email correspondence regarding their discontinued Olives in Habanero Hot Sauce — a jar of fiery and unfathomable deliciousness that I hope and pray they will one day dis-discontinue.

I’m currently going through a case of shingles* and Mezzetta made me smile. Not a small feat.

*the medical condition, not the roofing material

The SMEAT smell of success.

The holy grail of fictitious Hollywood food products is now in my possession.


Life is good. And rather high in sodium.

SMEAT still needs a good tagline, though. One that can crush “Break The Monotony” for Hormel’s SPAM.

Have a SMEAT.

Tastes like feet. SMEAT.

You can’t beat the SMEAT!

It’s so SMEATy!

Just SMEAT it.

SMEAT yourself right.

It’s not meat; it’s SMEAT!

Enjoy the SMEAT life.

Heat. Eat. SMEAT.


Got a better one? Send it in a comment below.

Outsmarted by Smart Car

(Some brands play better in the social media playground than others, part 2)

There I was on Twitter, not minding my own business, when along came a response to one of my tweets that not only made my day, but made me rethink my perception of the Smart brand. Plus, they threw in a handy infographic for free. INFOGRAPHANTASTIC!

Great job with your social media, Smart USA. I don’t mind being outsmarted by the likes of you.

Now if you’ll just FedEx me one of your fine automobiles, I’ll love you forever.

Best. Social media response. Ever.

Personal branding – a Clayton Hove column

Nothing deters a cattle rustler quite like a well-branded herd, and with today’s technological advances in freeze and electrical branding, along with traditional fire branding, your ranch can sleep easy knowing that your livestock investment is safe and…

Ah. I’ve just been informed that this column was to be about the other type of personal branding. Sorry about that. I’ll try again.
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