Say goodbye to girdles!

Circa 1949 magazine ad for Blue Swan Suspants
Circa 1949 magazine ad for Blue Swan Suspants

The answer to a maiden’s prayer.

Wanna see the Blue Swan Mills factory? Just scroll at bit at the link.

The ad copy:

A Sensational Performer!

The one and only
by Blue Swan

The undie you can wear with garters

Say goodbye to costly and uncomfortable girdles and garter belts! Keep your stockings up and expenses down with Suspants… practically a wardrobe all by itself. Wear it as regular undie too, without garters, on stockingless occasions.

There’s a Suspants style for almost every figure in a fabric and color that’s just to your liking.

Run proof rayon — $1.50
Luxurious Nylon — $1.98
Double Woven Rayon — $1.98
Knit with Laton — $1.98 
Also in a fussy feminine lace trimmed rayon brief — $1.50

Look for the Suspants label
Accept no substitute
Undies • Slips • Gowns
A McKay Product

pat. app. for
Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.

Blue Swan Mills, Division of McKay Products Corp.
350 Fifth Avenue, new York 1, N. Y. 

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