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Bram Stoker’s North Dakota

“Renfield, vut in the vurld is going on out there, blah?”

Management heard him say “Work is hell.” one too many times.


The end of Sears nears.

Sears, Gateway Mall, Bismarck, North Dakota

Behold, the Asshole Lane.

Behold, the Asshole Lane (AKA the Testy Twat Triangle). It is found at the intersection of Main Avenue and 26th Street in Bismarck, North Dakota.

Home of the Asshole Lane

Home of the Asshole Lane

Its origin was probably one of good intentions, or at least an attempt to correct a mistake, but all that has long been forgotten. Continue reading

Balloon Metaphor

The little yellow balloon was promised blue skies.
Into which it could float, and fly, and rise, rise, rise.
It was lies. All lies.