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Bring Yourself to Budget

Full page Budget Tapes & Records ad from the July 8, 1971 issue of Rolling Stone magazine
Full page Budget Tapes & Records ad from the July 8, 1971 issue of Rolling Stone magazine

During my back half of high school and first year of college in the late-80s, I worked at a strip-mall store called Budget Tapes and Records in Bismarck and Fargo, North Dakota. It didn’t pay much, but was definitely one of the coolest jobs around. When I started, CDs were still sold in “long boxes” and beta videos and vinyl were on the way out. And yes, we also sold tobacco accessories for use with tobacco and only tobacco. Tobacco.

The Budget Tapes & Records logo from my era.
The Budget Tapes & Records logo from my era.

So imagine my surprise when I was flipping through an old Rolling Stone magazine and found a full page ad for an earlier version of Budget Tapes and Records. Full page. Rolling Stone magazine. Daaaaaaamn. Also, it appears they were way cooler back then.

Note: Even though the Eighties-era Bismarck and Fargo stores weren’t as cool as the 1971 stores, they were still much cooler than the Williston, North Dakota store. Yeesh.

Another note: Hey! My old boss (and his brother) made it into Billboard magazine back in the day!

Whew. Lots of memories coming back from this gig, few of which I’d share here. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

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A grackle came,
And then another.
Maybe friend,
Or maybe brother.
Soon a gang,
So iridescent,
Eating seeds
Until tumescent.
I walked outside,
Which sent them packin’,
And now my yard
Is grackle-lackin’.

Before and after I check my bank balance.

Whisper the Wonder Puss

Bram Stoker’s North Dakota

“Renfield, vut in the vurld is going on out there, blah?”

They’re boootanical.

ghost roses

Ghost Roses — Unfiltered color photograph. Seen at Roberts Floral in Bismarck, North Dakota.

Management heard him say “Work is hell.” one too many times.


Just when you thought it was just a turkey in the straw…

One Girl

One girl possesses the mysterious power to control the wheat strawworm, just as the legends foretold.

But what if she doesn’t stop there?

Coming soon to a theater near you from the U.S. Department of Agriculture… Farmers’ Bulletin No. 1323 – The Wheat Strawworm and Its Control

Sometimes the stalks get stalked.

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A lovely morning for a cart ride at Bully Pulpit Golf Course in Medora, North Dakota II — The location scouting adventure continues.

It’s nice to get out of the office for some location scouting now and then.

The end of Sears nears.

Sears, Gateway Mall, Bismarck, North Dakota