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Wiggle it. Just a little bit.

J-j-j-j-j-u-u-u-s-s-s-t-t-t f-f-f-i-i-i-v-v-v-e m-m-m-o-o-o-r-r-r-e m-m-m-i-i-i-n-n-n-u-u-u-t-t-t-e-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s…

(Spring and Summer 1957 Sears catalog)

Alas, I had to settle for the crappy Trax sneakers from Kmart.

Converse for Sears
1974 or so.
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The end of Sears nears.

Sears, Gateway Mall, Bismarck, North Dakota

The new definition of horror: Vincent Price selling kitchen carpeting for Sears.

This should not be.

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