The new definition of horror: Vincent Price selling kitchen carpeting for Sears.

This should not be.

The copy:

“You spend most of your time in the kitchen. Make it as beautiful as the rest of your house.” says Vincent Price, noted design authority

Sears asked Vincent Price, who knows more than a bit about art and design, to describe the perfect kitchen carpeting. “It should be as beautiful as a woman’s living room carpeting… and light… cheery… maybe even glamorous.”

Sears took those thoughts and turned them into Footlights. The kitchen carpet most spilled foods can’t ruin. Because Footlights is 100% DuPont nylon pile. Spills sponge right off. It’s treated with SANI-GARD® to be anti-bacterial. And it comes in 4 patterns and 13 smashing colors.

There’s even a cookbook to match. For a limited time only, Sears is giving Mary and Vincent Price’s own collection of heirloom American recipes, the “Come Into The Kitchen” cookbook, to everyone who buys Footlights carpeting.

Footlights. At most Sears, Roebuck and Co. stores and in the catalog. Another great idea from the greatest floor show in town.

You’ve changed a lot lately. So has Sears.

Oh, Vincent… Vincent… Vincent.

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  1. Clayton Hove Post author

    It’s been a while since this post, but I’m guessing I found it in a stack of loose magazine pages and the date/publication wasn’t on either side of the page. I do try to provide that information when I have it.

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